A postcard to Brenda....

Dear Mum,

I know it's along time since I last wrote you a letter home, but it was a very long winter in Wester Ross. Do you remember those divers I met a couple of years ago that I used to tell you about? - you know, there was the girl who giggled every time the boat went over a wave, the one who went away to have a wee boy, the tall guy with the goatee who was so keen to get in the water we had to hold him back and insist he did the DIY before his mother in law came to visit, the one who spent more time trying to fix his car than driving it and then there was the one who jumped in with his pee zip open....remember them? well I met them again the other day and believe it or not they are still diving.

They are really nice guys, I have been doing some more diving this summer with them. We had the usual summer BBQ on Isle Martin, we haven't been away all that far, a mixture of boat problems, work commitments, music festivals all got in the way...but we are going away the weekend after next to explore some new places. I am really excited mum because I've never been to Handa before and I reckon that these diver friends I've made and me will have a great time, the viz is good at the moment and hopefully the weather will be good.

I know it's a long time since I wrote to you Mum and you don't hear much of me apart from reading this website, so I promise you I'll keep writing some more stuff so you know how I am getting on up here with my diver friends.

Since last year there have been a few changes in ScotSAC. Kev Watson has taken hold of the helm/wand/shitty stick (take your pick!) as our Regional Coach. We have photographic evidence that he has visited the branch once already and I know he's hoping to be back soon, so if anyone has any training they want to do then now's the time...take advantage of him - he loves it!

Since the last update, Phil has qualified as a Sports Diver (see Isle Martin 2006 for more about Phil) and Hamish has very nearly completed all his training. It wont be long at all until Hamish is all finished and signed up I am sure. Well done and congratulations to both of you.