Learning to dive with USAC

We meet every Thursday evening. During the winter time we are in the pool at the Ullapool Leisure Centre, while during the summer we dive in the evening in Loch Broom. Club evenings start at 7.45 pm in the pool and we arrange times to meet for the open water diving on a week to week basis.

Being so far north we benefit from really light evenings for our open water training......but that's all after a dark, wet and windy winter doing pool training!! You don't have to be a really strong swimmer to learn to dive, but armbands are certainly out!

When you come along to see us initially we'll take you into the pool for a try dive just so you can get an idea of what scuba diving is like. After this you'll need to take a basic swimming test before you embark on aqualung training and you'll also need to complete a medical declaration

There's no need to buy all your own kit to start off with. The club has several sets of kit that can be used for pool and open water training, though you are encouraged to get your own kit as you near completion of all your training. While it's used for pool training there is no fee for kit hire, but when it's used in the open water a small fee is charged to help cover maintenance and test charges. Club membership costs £10 per month and this includes all your air for the pool and open water training

Running parallel to your practical sessions in the pool are a series of theory lectures. Lectures may not be the best description, but they are more classroom based learning with the club instructors. These cover the different aspects of theory that you need to know to enable you to dive safely with others, from the basic use of equipment to simple gas laws and decompression theory - don't worry if all this sounds daunting or you gave up science at the soonest possible opportunity you will be helped along the way - feel free to ask as many questions as you like. At the end of the lecture series there is a short test on the material covered.